Web Based/GPRS


Biometric Web Based / GPRS Option

With the web service option, A TAMS device will be installed based on GPRS connection, which does not require ANY cable connections and the authorized users can access the information on the device from any part of the world through their devices (computer, ipad, mobile phone, etc).

TAMS based on GPRS connection remains the preferred choice and the standard all over the world. SB Telecoms is offering web-based time attendance solution that cannot be found anywhere in Nigeria. Web-based time attendance solution is brought to Nigeria by SB Telecoms and currently the only company offering this unique solution

The GPRS advantage lies in the data storage;

  • All staff information can be accessed on any computer system anywhere in the world.
  • All information on the device remains stored on a web server where no one can tamper with the information stored.
  • If the device is destroyed, staff information can still be retrieved since the information on the device has been backed-up on the web server.

Uniqueness of TAMS GPRS Service

It can send SMS to punctual employees, encouraging them to keep up the good work while late employees will get a caution SMS stating the implications of lateness to organization’s productivity.
TAMSĀ® also sends automated SMS to employees on their birthdays, public holidays, and company events, among others.

Another major benefit of the solution is that it can be deployed to any organization based on their requirements, structure and needs.

How it works


  • Recording daily employee time attendance
  • Generating Time Attendance reports (e.g. punctuality, lateness, absenteeism, etc on daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
  • Enabling PC connectivity for attendance report sharing and printing
  • Generating and sends personalized and motivational SMS/Email attendance notifications
  • Preventing time frauds
  • Preventing buddy punching
  • Accessing employees’ attendance database from any location
  • Analyzing reports for efficiency
  • Report generation in various format (PDF, Excel, HTML)