Stand Alone/LAN


Biometric Stand Alone / LAN Option

The standalone offer can be integrated into an existing Local Area Network (LAN), with this configuration, the TAMS device can be installed in any location of your choice within the LAN coverage. All staff / employees will be registered on the device.
Transactions from the device will be transferred from the device to one or more dedicated system on the network server in the clients’ office. With this, all employees / staff will be schedule on the software which resides on the stand-alone PC.
Summary of attendance reports can be generated at any time for decision making.

How it Works


  • Employees will sign-in/sign-out with any of their fingers
  • Details are captured after placing finger on the device for 2 seconds.
  • After authentication, employee gets a notification – “Thank you”. If employee is not authenticated, notification will be – “Please try again”
  • All entries (sign-in and sign-out) are processed and uploaded automatically every minute.
  • Reports can be generated in Ms-Excel, Ms-Word (including other defined formats) anytime