Database Solutions


Effective Data Sharing

At Stevfingers Technologies Limited, we develop and manage databases meant for both online and offline purposes. Our database system includes organized collection of data for various uses, typically in digital form.

We develop database application that facilitates simultaneous updates and queries from multiple users. Users on connected computers can easily retrieve information from the database in an arranged, tabled or formatted form. Information retrieved can then be deployed for different purposes.

For database expected to be deployed online, we develop such database application with a unique Web interface in such a way that it can be easily accessed through desktop and mobile devices with different hardware and operating system.

Database Applications

Our database applications are well secured and very effective with the ability of storing detailed data about the operations of your organization in a very organized way as well as process relatively high volumes of updates (transactions).

From developing Customer Database that records contact, credit, and demographic information about your customers to developing Personnel Database that holds information such as salary, bonus and employee skills; we are expert in delivering secured and efficient database system.

We therefore invite you to join other reputable organizations that uses database to drive their daily business transactions.