Hotel Locks

Our intelligent hotel lock system offers standalone solution to meet hotel’s demand on security and management, which features 13.56MHz Mifare card technology and hotel management software. The style and color of lock fit any type of hotel.

With the hotel management software, hotels can perform essential management tasks quickly and easily with minimal training.

The body of lock is made by zinc alloy which is strong enough to protect the system from any considerable outside impact. Lock is powered by four high-capacity alkaline AA batteries that can last up to 20,000 unlocking activities.

Hotel Lock Features

  • No matter in any mode, power consumption is very low, the Hotel Lock TCP IP Network System is with stability and environmental protection. Lock with external 12V power supply and battery inside the lock. Lock can automatically switch power supply, In the power cut (add-12V), the lock automatically switch to internal battery power, turn-lock feature still works.
  • Even if TCP IP network failed, door opening feature still works.
  • Internal Clock in lock can control the effective time to open the door.
  • Through the network, computer can easily download door locks opening log and valid card data.
  • Computer real-time monitor the locks off state, if the door is open for long time the state will issue a warning signal to the computer. Real-time monitoring software can also get lock the dynamic information, room availability information etc.
  • In urgent cases, locks can be opened or closed by remote computer.