Fingerprint Lock – L7000

l700 The fingerprint lock offers state-of-the-art single door management solution that provides you with unmatched options that comes with OLED. You can verify a person and open the door with fingerprint and password. The All-in-one fingerprint lock is very convenient to operate.

Enrollment and management of users are done on the OLED display. There are three user levels available to manage the system effectively- administrator, supervisor and user. An administrator can do add, delete or change users very easily at the lock.

With the U.S. standard single latch and reversible handle design, this lock can replace cylindrical knob lock and can be installed easily.

The USB port for data transmission is the main feature of the lock which makes it easy to download user transactions from the lock – Professional and Intelligent.


1. Convenience

No need mechanical key

Touch of your fingerprint or enter password will open the door. It will give you the freedom of never worrying about lost, stolen, or forgotten keys ever again.

Fast access

You don’t need to carry a key. Simply place your finger on the reading sensor and the door unlocks within 1 second of verification.

Visual OLED display

Providing you the user-friendly interface.You can simply use our fingerprint lock with ease after following the operation instructions for once.

DIY-easy installation

With the single latch design, this lock can replace the cylindrical knob lock without having to modify your door. All you will need is a screw driver and about 30 minutes. So the installation is both simple and quick.

Event management

You can download the user transactions from the lock via the USB port. Then importing data to PC management software that allows you check who came in and what time.

2. Security

Total control

There are super administrator and administrator who can enroll and delete users. No one can get access to the system that you are in complete control over the system.

Privacy protection

Fingerprint templates remain intact after power failure. The templates are protected by special technology that inhibits the reproduction of the fingerprint image from the template.

Robust housing

The body of lock is made by zinc alloy which is strong enough to protect the system from any considerable outside impact.


Security alarm activates when the invalid operation is made frequently by an intruder.

3. Other features

Number of users

500 users or multiple fingers per users can be enrolled. You can register all of your family members including occasional visitors like your parents.

Style and color

The fingerprint lock is available in modern silver and antique copper color. It fits with any type of door.

Battery lifetime

Lock is powered by four high-capacity alkaline AA batteries which can last up to 5,000 unlocking activities. The OLED display will show the status of the batteries power level.

Emergency battery for backup

The lock supports temporary use of external DC power for fingerprint or password matching and unlocking by connecting a 9V battery to the two access points at the bottom of the lock.

Unlock with an emergency mechanical key

You can open the door using an emergency mechanical key in case the electronic component does not operate.






Material Zinc Alloy
Display OLED
Fingerprint Sensor ZK Optical Sensor
Resolution 500 dpi
• Fingerprint templates 500
• Password 100
• Event capacity 30,000
• Methods Fingerprint, Password
• Lenght of password 6~10 digits
Communication Model
• Method USB flash disk
Operating Environment
• Temperature 0°C ~ 45°C
• Humidity 20 %~ 80%
• Power input 4 x 1.5V AA Battery
• Low battery warning voltage < 4.8V
Backup Unlock Mechanism Emergency battery & Mechanical key
Product Dimension (L x W x H) 185 *72*68.5 mm